Felty Folk in the Mist

At last I managed to raise enough Ooomph to go for a walk in the countryside around Lauder, and catch up with the Felty Folk again. Although it’s been a while since I have written about them, Neeva has popped into to see me at home a couple of times. I’ve been working hard in my job and have been too tired to do much when I’m not working; but one day, I just got sick of the four walls at home and just had to get out, stretch my legs and get a bit of fresh air.  So I took a drive up to Lauder Common for a walk, it wasn’t a very nice day:

Misty common

Very misty and still, maybe a little spooky? I was going to walk in a little clump of trees that I’d never explored on Lauder Common before, this was because I was looking for a geocache.

Misty trees

I’ve had a go at geocaching this year, and have found a few. Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunting activity: people have hidden containers with a logbook and sometimes a few small tokens, toys etc, they post the co-ordinates and a clue on the geocaching website, where other people can look up the details and find the cache and log their visit. Sounds very geeky, I know, but I always liked treasure hunts when I was a kid, and by looking for these caches, you are taken to places you haven’t discovered before; great when you’re on holiday and want to find a local walk. You are supposed to use a hand held GPS device to find the caches, but I haven’t got one; so I put the co-ordinates into Google Maps, and study the satellite and street view before I go to find it, and a helpful clue will often get me there. So I wandered around the clump of trees on Lauder Common, and looked for likely places where a cache would be hidden, and I found it!  It was a small well-hidden plastic food box, so I made sure no-one was around to see me open it, and signed the logbook.

I carried on having an explore through the trees, the light through the mist and tree branches was eerie, and drips were plopping from the trees from the moisture in the air:

Gossamer and droplets

The fine gossamer threads of spiders webs were catching the light.


The tree trunks were all twisted and mossy and wet:

Under the tree

Then I saw something move in the tree roots. It was Neeva!

Neeva gathering

I stopped for a chat.

“Hi Neeva. Good to see you.”

“Hi Ruth, I’m glad to see you out for a walk.”

“I see you’ve got your knitted bag you made with you,” I said. “Are you out foraging?”

“Yes I am,” she said. “I’m collecting Wood Sorrel leaves to make into soup for supper tonight.”

“I’m looking forward to that”, said a deeper voice from higher up the tree. I looked up, and there was Dod:

Dod's there too

“Hi Dod. I haven’t seen you for ages, what are you up to?”

“Busy as usual before Winter, just collecting some fencing twigs, and some pine needles to help insulate my home,” he answered.

 Dod gathering

Dod slithered and bumped his way down the tree with a handful of twigs, and joined Neeva.

What we got

“Wood Sorrel soup sounds lovely,” I commented.

“Yes, it’s good to have something warm and nourishing after a day foraging,” said Dod.

“Have you seen Oosie recently?” I asked. “I haven’t seen here since we went on the trip to see Diggly.”

“She was up here for a while when we had some warm dry weather,” replied Neeva, “but she’s gone back to stay with Diggly again now, and I don’t think we’ll see her much now we are heading into Winter.”

Neeva Chats

“You must miss her,” I said.

“Well yes, but that’s what happens when two Felty Folk have a bond like they have. They spend time together to see if they want to stay together permanently. So I don’t expect to see her so often now; it’s a shame Diggly doesn’t live closer.”

“That is a shame, but still, it’s good to know she’s happy,” I said.

Neeva and Dod agreed with me.

It was nearly lunchtime, so I headed off back to the car and left the Felty Folk to their foraging. I’m sure I’ll see them again soon.


One comment

  1. Love your spooky pics, Ruth – they give a real sense of atmosphere, and it couldn’t be more right to meet the Felty Folk there. Makes me wonder if I might meet the Felty Folk on a similar walk……tempting thought!

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