Feeding the Felty Folk

I hadn’t seen anything of the Felty Folk since I returned from my trip, and the weather had been miserable. So I decided to take Neeva a small package of cheese to keep the Winter cold out.


I headed out through the persistent drizzle across the back field.


It was decidedly dreich. I was sensibly wearing my wellies. The usual path to the Rookery Wood, where Neeva lives, was covered in muddy puddles:

Muddy Puddles

I reached the woods, but saw no Felty creatures:

Rookery woods

I quietly called “Neeva”, and two heads popped up:

The Felty Folk appear

“Hi. How are you? Are you keeping dry and warm?” I asked.

We're here

“We’re fine,” said Neeva, “but it’s hard to get about when it’s wet and cold. Dod came for a visit last week and hasn’t been able to make it back to the Common yet.”

“Well, I didn’t want you going hungry, so I brought you something for your stores,” I said, and unwrapped the cheese for them.

Cheese parcel

“Mmmm! It smells good,” exclaimed Dod. “What is it?”

“It’s cheese,” I said.

“Oh, we make cheese too, but it looks a bit different, a bit softer,” said Neeva.

“It tastes tangy!” said Dod.

Dod eating lovely cheese

Neeva tried some too.

“It’s lovely, we will all enjoy this. Thank you for bringing it.”

“Neeva, – when I met up with Oosie before Christmas she had been to see her friend Diggly, I haven’t heard about him before…”

“We bumped into him up on Lauder Common in Spring, and Oosie got on really well with him, but he lives quite far away, so she doesn’t see him that often, and it’s not possible to get there in this weather.”

Neeva chats

“That’s a shame, I’d like to meet him too, and I wondered if could help out? I suggested giving Oosie a lift back to Lauder in my car, but she was a bit scared.”

“Cars are a bit scary, they’re so noisy and fast,” Neeva explained.

“Maybe you could come and explore my car, without it moving sometime, and see if you think you could get used to it. It would be a very quick way to see him, and warm and dry: I thought I could take you all there?”

 Neeva thought about it. “OK, we’ll give it a go I’ll come over and take a look soon.”

Dod was onto his fourth piece of cheese:

Dod eating lovely cheese close up

“Mmmpphhh ahhh lovely ahhh cheese yummm!”

“It’s tasty heated too; it melts,” I suggested.

“Dod, we must save some for our stores, we’ll pack it up and take it down below,” said Neeva.

 Dod reluctantly resisted a fifth piece, brushed off cheese crumbs and wrapped up the package.

 Packed up

“I hope you all enjoy it,” I said. “Let’s get back in the warm and dry again. See you soon.”



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