Christmas Sparkles

Neeva decided to come and help me make my Christmas twig decoration. This was quite a venture for both of us, as she had never been inside a house before.

She jumped up and down outside my back door, waiting to be let in. She was a little bit wary but mostly curious:

Coming in

“Hi Neeva, please come in…”

She hopped down from the doorstep.

“Ooh it’s so big,” she said as she gazed around. Now, anyone who knows my house, knows it’s a small one up/one down affair, so it shows how small Neeva is.

She found one of the twigs I had sprayed silver.

“This looks pretty, all silver-shiny,” she said.

Silver twigs

“I’ve got the rest of them in the window already, shall we take this one over too?” I said. I carried the twig as she traversed my living room, shimmied up the TV cables, and hopped onto the window sill. We carefully placed the final twig.

“I’m going to have to be very careful climbing on these so they don’t fall down,” she commented.

Neeva helps

“I think it will be easier for you, than me Neeva, I keep catching my sleeves on the little twigs.”

I showed her the fairy lights and she helped me unravel them:

Neeva and lights

I helped her thread the lights in and out of the twigs to the front of the window.

“O bother, Neeva! I forgot to test if they were working! I hope they work alright.” I switched them on:

Lights working

“Ooo pretty!” she squealed.

“That’s good, they’re working. I’ll just turn them off until we get the decorations on, you might get too hot with all those lights.”

“You’re right,” she said. “I’m feeling really hot already.”

I brought over the decorations and left Neeva while I turned the heating off: our houses must seem very hot to someone used to being outdoors all the time.


We started hanging the decorations carefully, so as not to unbalance the twigs. It reminded me of playing one of my childhood games – Kerplunk. I hung the large ones and Neeva did the small ones:

Neeva hangs bauble

I nearly forgot to hang my new art glass ornaments; they had ribbons on and Neeva helped my out by tying bows to secure them once they were in place. Here’s one of them:

Glass decoration

I love how each one is slightly different depending on how they melted in the kiln.

We put the lights back on to admire our work. Neeva enjoyed sitting among all the sparkles:

Sparkly Neeva

I gave Neeva some water in a small bottle top, and some chocolate as a thank you for her help, and as it was getting dark, she headed off home.

Here’s what my decorations looked like from outside:

My window at Christmas

Happy Christmas everybody!


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