Searching for Christmas Twigs

I went out for a quick walk out in the countryside to collect some twigs and foliage to decorate the house for Christmas. It was pretty icy, but starting to melt, and I found these lovely ice effects:


Ice close up

I discovered a new woody path, and went to explore:

New woods

It looked lovely, and I got a few pine twigs to bulk out my Christmas wreath; and there was a great mossy, spiky tree root:

 Tree roots

I decided to go somewhere else for more twigs, and headed off. I didn’t have to walk far, and clambered into the undergrowth to search for the best twigs; when guess who I saw?

Neeva in trunk

“Hello Ruth,” she called, “what are you doing?”

“I’m getting a bit caught up the the bushes here, while I’m looking for good twigs,” I grumbled. I dis-entangled myself and went over to her.

Neeva in trunk close up

“What do you want the twigs for?” Neeva asked.

“Well, I’ve got an idea to spray some twigs silver and arrange them in the small window of my house,  hang some glass ornaments I’ve just bought on them, and light them up with blue fairy lights to decorate my house for Christmas.”

“How exciting,” she cried, “can I help?”

“Yes please, I’m looking for twigs with lots of little twigs coming off them so I have plenty of places to hang things. We also need to be careful that we only cut off twigs that won’t damage the bushes.”

Neeva climbed up into a bush.

“What about this one?” she suggested.

What about this?

“That’s great, Neeva. This is a lot easier with your help.”

“And how about this one?”

How about this one?

In no time at all we had quite a collection:

Neeva with collected twigs

“Thanks for your help, Neeva.”

“Can I come and see your silver twig decoration when it is done?”

 “Of course. Actually, you could come earlier and help me make it if you like. Although you would have to come inside my house; would that be alright?”

“I..I..think so.” She looked a bit uncertain.

“I’ll let you make up your mind on that then. I’ll just let you know when I’m doing it.”

She disappeared off, and I went home. I wonder if she’ll come around?


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