Leaf dance

I’ve got a little behind on my blog posts (again), I won’t bore you with excuses. These photos are from a couple of weeks ago, with the Autumn leaves still on the trees. Since then we’ve had howling winds, frost, ice and snow; so enjoy more of my celebration of Autumn to warm you up a bit.

First, here’s a couple of Autumn photos that didn’t quite get into my other posts, but I really like them, so thought I’d show them:

Trees at Harry Burn

This was taken in Hamish’s Wood.

I’m always fascinated by the deciduous conifers up here; another plant I hadn’t experienced until I moved to Scotland, most of them are varieties of Larch. I love the soft feathery effect the golden needles create, and the way they shine out against the evergreens:

Golden Larch

After weeks of feeling really tired, I was glad to wake up on a sunny Saturday morning and feel motivated to get out and do stuff. I took a drive down to Lilliesleaf, which is a small village between St. Boswells and Selkirk, about 30 mins drive away from Lauder. It was the last weekend of Inge Panneels Open Studios, and I was keen to see if she had some beautiful pieces of glass I could buy for Christmas presents. It was a lovely drive, a good mix of fast roads, winding country roads, and sun-filled Autumn scenery. As I pulled into the village there was a row of vibrant yellow Maple trees and I just had to stop and take a photo:

Row of Trees

I was just about to go, when I heard squeaking in the nearest tree, and looked up to see…

Oosie in Tree

Oosie! She was jumping up and down with excitement, and I was really surprised to see her so far from Lauder.

Oosie in Tree

“Hello Ruth”, she cried.

“Hi there, Oosie. What are you doing here? You’re so far away from home.”

“I’ve been visiting my friend Diggly, he lives quite near here.”

“It’s a very long way to travel, Oosie. How did you get here?”

“Well, it was quite a long way, and it took me a long time walking and running, but I stopped for rests in safe places on the way. I’ve stayed with Diggly for a little while, and now I’m on my way back home. Me and Diggly made up a dance, do you want me to show you?”

She started climbing down the tree:

Climbing down

“That would be lovely, Oosie. As long as it won’t make you too tired for your journey.”

“Oh no, I don’t get very tired,’ she said, and slid down the last bit of the trunk.

Climbing down

She scampered across the grass, grabbing a couple of leaves as she ran.

Autumn dance

“Watch this!” she squealed in excitement.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“Wow! That looks like fun. A bit like a feather fan dance, or semaphore. Does it mean anything?” I asked.

“No, it’s just fun, I can’t wait to show Neeva and Dod when I get back.”

“I’m going home in a short while Oosie, if you want a lift?” I suggested.

“Thank you,” she said politely, “but I’m staying with some other friends on the way home. And… and… I’m a bit scared of your noisy car.”

“OK Oosie, as long as you will be alright getting home.”

“Oh yes, I’m enjoying my trip away, it’s quite an adventure.”

We wished each other goodbye, and she set off:

Oosie leaves

I hoped she’d be safe, she looked so small walking away:

Oosie leaves

I was intrigued to hear about her friends, I must ask her more when we meet again. I went off to see the glass studio – more of my visit in my next post.


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