Autumnal walks

My apologies for being quiet on my blog, the combination of a cantankerous laptop and my low energy levels got the better of me. However, I seem to have turned a corner energywise this weekend, and combined with a new laptop (early Christmas present, thanks to my family and friends) I’m back, and there’s lots to tell you.

My friend from Newcastle, came up for a visit, and we spent a lovely late Autumn afternoon exploring Craigmillar Castle in Edinburgh.

Craigmillar Castle

Not as well known as Edinburgh Castle, or Holyrood, it is South of the city, overlooking  Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Like many castles in the area, it has its Mary Queen of Scots connections: she stayed there a couple of times, and the area around the Infirmary is named “Little France”,  as Mary’s French courtiers stayed there when she was in residence.

Anyway I was in residence that day, enjoying the views from the turrets:

Queen of the castle

It’s a very enjoyable castle, ruinous, but still plenty of it intact: dungeons, winding stairs up turrets, castellations, dark holes to stare into, and a maze of interconnecting rooms.

Craigmillar Castle

I had to have a bit of a sit down after, shame there wasn’t a tea shop or pub handy. It was a beautiful Autumn day.

Craigmillar Garden

And it was another lovely day following. We went for a woodland walk next to the River Tweed, from St Boswells. The views were stunning:

River Tweed, St Boswells

The light was glowing through all the leaves, bringing out all the Autumn colour:

Lit up leaves

I love the mottled effects on the leaves as the green changes to yellow:

Turning leaves

The path wound up and down around the hilly bankside, this bit was like a fairy dell:

Fairy dell

And all the while the river was rushing on beside us, with occasional loud splashes from huge salmon, leaping out of the water, which neither of us managed to catch on camera.

River Tweed through leaves

A heron was quite interested, but I think they were too large for him. We watched a dipper catching flies at the water’s edge.

I would have loved to walk there for hours, but my energy levels got the better of me, and after a little rest, we headed back. I love to get out and really experience the seasons, it’s much easier to be ready for Winter after you have immersed yourself in Autumn.


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