Rose hips and Autumn leaves

I’m still struggling a bit with my energy, I think it’s partly my body adjusting to the darker and cooler days. After a few days in the house knitting and watching daytime TV, I went out for a bit of fresh air. I love the smell of the Autumn air: earthy and wet. It was a fairly dull day, but the amber trees glowed along Castle Wynd:

Castle Wynd

I was hoping I might see the Felty Folk, but all was quiet. I looked out for conkers where I had last seen Dod, but they were all small and shrivelled, perhaps Dod had found all the large ones… Over the wall I saw a golden tree, it really stood out against the leaden sky:

Golden tree

I headed out on the main street away from Lauder enjoying the view of Thirlestane Castle:

Thirlestane Castle

I noticed a wild rose bush at the side of the road, the red rosehips shining out against it’s yellow leaves :

Rose bush

There was a bit of rustling, so I went a bit closer, and there was Neeva, busy collecting rosehips. It was good to see her:

Neeva in Rose bush

“Hello Neeva. How are you doing?”

“Hello Ruth. I’m getting on really well with the bag you helped me to knit, it makes collecting much easier.”

Neeva and Rose hips

“You look very smart with it too,” I replied. “What are you going to make with the rosehips?”

“We make much the same things as you would really: syrup, jelly, wine, tea. Useful and tasty supplies to get us through the Winter. The rosehips are lovely this year, all nice and squishy.”

Neeva and Rose hips

“You’ve got quite a lot of them now in your bag,” I said.

“Yes, I’ll just squeeze a few more in, and I’ll go home. Dod is quite jealous of my bag, so I will have to knit one for him, He would like a big net-like stretchy one that we could all haul back home, could you show me how to make one sometime?”

Neeva and Rose hips

“Of course I can Neeva, just let me know when you want to do it, and you can come around and we’ll get knitting again.” Neeva’s bag was full, she climbed gingerly out of the bush, carefully avoiding the thorns, and disappeared into the grass. It was time for me to go home for a cup of tea too.


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