Berry sick

Driving and walking around the countryside I’ve noticed we have a glut of berries in the hedgerows this year. I was pleased as this means the Felty Folk will have plenty of food to see them through the winter. I noticed particularly  there were more snowberries this year, I’ve always known them as a garden shrub, but they have naturalised up here and are a common sight in the hedges. I was walking down a back lane of Lauder admiring the snowberries:


when I caught sight of Oosie:

Oosie in berries

She was eating a snowberry and didn’t notice me; and a little further on I saw Neeva:

Neeva in berries

She was about to munch into a bunch of berries, but stopped to say “Hi” to me.

“Hi Neeva,” I replied, “are you enjoying the snowberries?”

“We call them creamyberries, and they are our favorite food. We came to pick some to take home, but they are just sooo delicious.” She gazed lovingly at the berries. “Dreamy creamyberries,” she sighed.

I was curious. “What do they taste like Neeva?”

“Sweet and creamy, and they melt in the mouth, and I must eat some more…”

She greedily tucked unto the berries:

Neeva gorging on berries

I’ve never seen Neeva so obsessed with her food, it got quite messy:

Neeva is berry crazed

And look who I found a bit further:

Dod in berries

He was half-asleep and moaning.

“How many berries have you eaten, Dod?”

“Too many,” he replied, “I feel a bit ill…”

Dod flaked out

“Stop eating,” I cried to Oosie and Neeva, “Dod’s feeling ill. Come and help him down from the bush.” To their credit they managed to stop the feeding frenzy and help Dod.

“He always does this,” said Neeva. “He’ll be alright if he lies down and stops eating for a while.” She paused, and looked a little odd. “Oh dear, I’m not feeling so well myself.”

Neeva is berry sick

“Neither am I,” said Oosie.

Berry hangover

“Well, you all better have a rest, and hands off those creamyberries, or you’ll be sick. Take the rest of them home and save them for later.”

The Felty Folk have overdone the berries

They were nearly asleep, so I covered them with leaves, and left them. I hope they took the berries home and didn’t just make themselves ill again by eating the lot. I thought they were more sensible than that; they must really love creamyberries.

WARNING: Snowberries are not good for humans to eat, they do not taste nice to us, and they will make us sick. Do not copy the Felty Folk.


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