All fluffed up

I went out for a little walk along the Burnmill path in Lauder the other day, and noticed the Rose Bay Willowherb, once a bright magenta pink, had now gone to seed. The tall stems were swaying about wildly, so I went a bit closer to see what was moving them,

Rose Bay Willowherb

and saw someone I recognised.

“Hi Oosie. How are you?”

“Mmpghh, fumphhurrgh.”

“Are you alright? I can’t quite make out what you’re saying…” I moved a bit closer.

Oosie Fluffed

“MMgh mmmURGH!”

“Oh dear, you’re in a bit of a state. Is your mouth full of fluff?”


“Can you climb down? And I’ll de-fluff you.”

In the Rose Bay Willowherb

She carefully climbed down, looking a little sorry for herself, and stood still while I picked off the fluffy seedheads off her.

De-fluffing Oosie

“Mmmph pah pah phweww, thanks,” she gasped. “I was busy climbing and got higher and higher and forgot about all the fluffy stuff and got in a bit of a tangle.”

Oosie Unfluffed

“I’m glad I was there to help, Oosie. Go careful now.”

And she headed back off into the undergrowth.

Oosie leaves

I get the feeling she quite often gets into scrapes…


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