Neeva asked me if I would like to watch the sunset with the Felty Folk. She told me they always marked the point where the days start to grow shorter and when they grew longer by watching the sun go down.

It had been a lovely sunny day, and although I was a bit tired, I thought it would be good to get out of the house, and maybe it was good for me to mark the end of the Summer too. They were going to meet me at the Burgess Cairn on Lauder Common, just as the sun was setting. It was not a difficult walk from my car, and I could see the cairn ahead:

Burgess Cairn

It wasn’t long before I turned off the farm track towards the cairn, past a ruined sheiling or sheep pen, when I saw something move around the tumbled stones:

I find the Felty Folk

And there they all were, peeping out from the stones.

“Hello,” they cried out.

“Hello, all of you,” I replied.

“We’re glad you’ve made it along,” said Neeva.

Neeva on Rocks

“Good to see you. It’s a lovely evening for it. Go on, and I’ll follow you up,” I said.

They hopped and bounced over stones, and rustled through the heather, getting closer to the cairn:

Cairn and Sheep

I lost them very quickly in the heather, but soon reached the cairn myself. There were lovely views in the evening light. Two bumps of the Eildon Hills, with the Cheviots just visible in the distance:

View to Eildon Hills

And over Lauder, with the start of the Lammermuir Hills behind:

View to Lauder

I joined the Felty Folk and watched the sun go down:

Watching sunset

Sunset over Heather

The sun finally dipped below the ridge, shining through the clouds:


And the Ghillie Dhu celebrated the last rays of Summer sun:

Ghillie Dhu at Sunset

This time of year alway makes think of this lovely haunting song by Dar Williams – The End of the Summer.


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