An invitation

I was just having my lunch, when I heard a tap at my garden door, I looked around, expecting a blackbird or something tapping at the glass door, and saw, a small pebble coming towards me, thrown by Dod. I went outside to have a look, and there was Dod:

“Hi there Dod. How are you this sunny day?”

“I’m feeling a bit hot and bothered, and a bit puffed out from walking here.”

“Oh dear. Would you like some water?”

“No, it’s fine,” Dod said, “I’m going past the burn on the way home, so I’ll have a quick dip in there to cool off. I’ve come to invite you to Oosie’s age ceremony.”

“Ooo, what’s that?”

“It’s when we celebrate the anniversary of our creation. This is an important anniversary for Oosie.”

“Wow. Thank you for inviting me, I’d love to come. How exciting!”

“Yes. Well, if you come to the common when the sun is at it’s highest, 5 days from now, we will bring you to the ceremony. We usually bring a present.”

“For Oosie?”


“I’m sure I can think of something…”

“Right. I’ll see you there then.”

And with that, he clambered down from the fence,

Dods invite

and was off away…

I wonder what happens at the ceremony? What should I wear? What present should I give? I can’t wait!


I am separating my posts about the Felty Folk from my other posts about Arts and Crafts etc. This is so people can choose just to look at Felty Folk posts, by selecting the Felty Folk blog post category. I will still be writing a post every week about the Felty Folk, and my other blog posts will still be fortnightly. I hope my subscribers will not mind getting notifications about 2 blog posts one week, and one post the next.


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