As easy as ABC?

Neeva came to my garden today so I could show her how to knit.

Neeva in my garden

I looked through my knitting needle collection and found some child sized knitting needles, and found some spare wool for her to try out:

Using Metal Needles

I showed her how to make a slip knot to start, and showed her how to cast on a stitch, but the needles were just too heavy for her:

Too heavy

“Oh dear Neeva. I’m sorry, I’ll find you some lighter wooden ones.” I helped her out from under the needles, and brought out some thin double-pointed needles:

Using thin needles

She got on much better with these, seemed a lot happier, and carried on with her casting on:

Using thin needles closeup

She was getting on very well, so I picked up my knitting. I didn’t want to put her off by watching her closely while she was learning. After a while I heard a muffled squeaking noise, and looked up:


“What happened Neeva? You’re in a terrible tangle,” I said, trying not to laugh.

Tangle closeup

“Help! I’m stuck,” she cried.

“Don’t worry Neeva, I’ll untangle you.”

Untangling Neeva 1   Untangling Neeva 2

“I’m sorry. I think these needles are too long and thin for you, and I haven’t got any others,” I said. Neeva looked quite fed up:

Fed up Neeva

“You were doing really well until you got in a tangle. Don’t be dis-heartened. I’ll make you some small light needles somehow, and we’ll try again another time.”

Neeva headed back home. I hope this hasn’t put her off, there are usually a few teething problems when you learn anything new. I had underestimated her size in relation to the needles – it’s hard to knit with needles the size of javelins!


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