My knitting addiction

I was in my garden today, and look what I saw:


Oosie on Foxglove

Oosie says it’s easy climbing foxgloves as they are just like a ladder, and she likes swaying about on the top. We also met someone else that loves foxgloves…


Reading my blog, you may not have realised just how much knitting goes on in my life. I’ve only mentioned my shawl and the Fleece to finished challenge, so now I thought I’d catch you up on my recent knitting activities.

I couldn’t tell you about many of them at the time as they were presents for friends and I didn’t want to “let the cat out of the bag”.

Since my post about the shawl I have knitted/crocheted 7 items, and have 3 items in progress.

A beret for Katherine:


She liked one I made for myself, so I made here one in a different colourway, in beautiful Colinette Cadenza yarn from Wales. Using Kirsten Kapur’s Katie’s Beret pattern, which really shows off the variegated yarn.

A red cardigan for Hannah:

Red Cardigan

I based it on a Drops Design pattern, and used their wonderful 100% Alpaca yarn which is so soft and light. I liked the way Gudrun Johnston’s Moch Cardi just fastened at the top, and I thought it would work well with this pattern.

A hat with a Space Invaders design taken from the BMP sock pattern for Brad, he might have to wait until Winter to wear it though:

Space Invaders hat

A knitted and felted in the washing machine camera case for me:

Camera Case

It was made using up some of the Drops Alpaca yarn from the red cardigan above and from a jumper I made, and a vintage button from my Mum’s button box.

Some Saxon socks made for my friend in Newcastle:

Saxon Socks

I loved knitting this pattern, I am fascinated by lettering, typography and calligraphy, and I love literature, so these socks fulfilled three addictions; it was a bit like doing a word search puzzle. The pattern is Hwaet! by The Sanguine Gryphon, and is the first page of the manuscript of Beowulf spread over the socks (here is a translation). They are knitted from the cuff down, so I was following the letters upside down as I knitted, and reversed colours too, as the pattern is written for dark letters on a light background. It had an unusual heel construction I had not knitted before:


The pattern increases slowly to the width of the heel, then there are some short rows to turn the heel, and sharp decreases underneath heel centre. I’m not delighted with the wrinkles around the ankles which might not happen with a different heel, but the heel fits fine.

(Quite a lot of detail there, I’m sure the non-knitters have yawned and skipped ahead…)

I’ve also crocheted this little gnome for my niece, who is starting to play with toys suitable for children going to a Steiner School. I thought I’d increase her collection, but I forgot to take a photo of him before I sent it off to her.

My current knitting project is a lovely shawl for Amanda for her wedding, so no sneak previews allowed.

This may seem rather a lot of knitting to some people, but I think it’s probably about a medium level of addiction compared to some of the other knitters/spinners/crocheters I know.

I thought I’d end with fluffy Spring cuteness:


This is a gosling of an Andean Goose I saw on a recent visit to Washington Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust Centre. I think he’s extra fluffy because he usually lives in the cold Andes Mountains, he even has fluff down his legs like little knickerbockers. I just love his tiny wings. Aww.



  1. Absolutely love the Beowulf socks Ruth! I too am semi-addicted to literature (did my degree in it and esp). Beowulf is one of my favourite poems.

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