A walk down the lane and we meet Oosie

I’m on holiday from work this week, so it’s a good opportunity to push my energy limits a little and take some longer walks, without being worried about making myself too sick to go to work. It was a beautiful breezy May Bank Holiday, so I headed off out the back of my house, past the Washing Burn where I first met Neeva. There was some eye-catching yellow-green lichen on the stone wall, much brighter than I had seen on my previous walks:

Lichen on Stone

It hasn’t come out so bright in the photographed. I went through the gate at the end of the field, past a field of bullocks:

Cows in field

and along the lane:

Along the lane

I love the bright green new growth on the pine trees, it looks so soft and fresh:

Pine tips

I walked past the woods where Neeva lives, there was no sign of her. This is as far as I’ve been down this path in over a year due to my lack of energy, so I was feeling very pleased that I was going further this time. This looks like a good place for Felty Folk to play:

Through the trees

No-one would see them there. At a path junction I saw the only people I was going to see on the whole walk – the two red specks in the distance:

Walkers on the path

I reached the end of the path, and went through the gate into the field beyond:

At the gate

I walked away from the dark trees into the sunlight, and wandered over to the edge of the Harry Burn:

Harry Burn

I was feeling a bit tired, and was looking for a good place to sit down for a bit of a rest, and to eat an apple, but there were many cow pats in the field, and accompanying flies, and midgey flies over the water, so I headed back.

“Hello!” a little voice called. I looked around and saw:

Oosie on the fence

“Hello,” I said. “Aren’t you Oosie?”

“Yes,” she said, “and you’re Ruth. Neeva told me about you, and I saw you down at the pond. Watch what I can do!”

She started dancing along the fence quite acrobatically:

Oosie dances

“Please be careful, Oosie, don’t fall.”

“I won’t fall. This is fun!” she cried. I gasped as she swung down from the fence:

Oosie climbs down

Bounded along and swung off the old gate hinge:

Oosie swings

and executed a tricky manouvre round the gate post:

Oosie's acrobatics

“Wow! That’s amazing, Oosie”

“Thanks,” she said. “I love jumping about.”

Meet Oosie

“Gotta go.” She jumped down from the top of the fence down to the ground, and sped off across the grass, leaving me blinking in astonishment. Oosie’s a bit of a whirlwind.

I headed back to the path to find somewhere to eat my apple. I found a sunny clearing and a tree stump to sit on and rest my legs. While I was munching away I was looking at the bright blue speedwell at my feet:


and some Wood Avens just come out into flower:

Wood Avens

They are like tiny buttercups on tall spindly stalks, and have spiky seedheads later on that finches love. I headed back home. The cows came over to say hello this time, they’re quite young and very inquisitive:

Cows say hello

This path takes me around the edge of the Thirlestane estate, I expect that’s who the cows belong to. This is Thirlestane Castle from the path, pretty impressive?

Thirlestane Castle

I was very pleased to not be totally exhausted after my longer walk, and it was great to see some old haunts again.


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