First Contact

As I went out for a walk today I was keeping an eye out for the little creature I had seen twice now. It was a lovely day, and as I was walking my mind was wandering, so it made me jump when a little voice said, “Hello”, especially as I couldn’t see anyone around.

“Over here”, it said. I looked down:


The little creature I had been seeing was talking to me!

“Well, you’re a surprise”, I said, “who? what are you?”

“My name’s Neeva”

I'm Neeva

“Hello Neeva. I’ve never seen anyone like you before. Can other people see you? How come I’ve only just started seeing you?”

“If people look very hard they can see us, but most people don’t, I only just realised you could see me the other week, and you looked friendly, so I thought I’d say hello. We usually keep out of the way of people.”

I can see you

I thought it was only polite to introduce myself, and told her where I lived. I think she’s a girl, so I will no longer call her an “It”. She said she might pop in my garden sometime if there were no cats or dogs around.

Here I am

“Someone is coming”, she said. “I’d better go. Keep your eyes open, and we’ll meet again.” She quickly climbed down from the tree stump and disappeared into the long grass.

Time to go

I hope I see her again very soon; I have so many questions for her. And she said “us”, so there must be more creatures. I can’t wait to find out more.


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