Prestige knitting

Somehow I persuaded myself I wanted to knit a proper lace shawl. I’ve resisted this for a while, probably because I’m a bit contrary and don’t often want to do the same as everyone else, and because I don’t know when I’d wear it. However, I had some gorgeous hand dyed yarn from The Yarn Yard that was calling to me, and I was curious about how a lace shawl was constructed, and because I wanted to prove to myself that I could damn well do it. I’ve done a bit of lace knitting on socks and cardi’s so I was fairly sure I’d be OK at it. I like a challenge, so I didn’t go for the easiest option, I chose the Aeolian shawl on, with nupps and beads and everything. And now I know why people knit them, they’re so much fun, they take a bit of concentration at times, a bit like a crossword, but I found it absorbing and satisfying to knit all the way through. Of course, then I had to block it; an unblocked shawl doesn’t reach it’s full lacy potential, it looks a bit sad and unfulfilled:

Aeolian shawl unblocked

However, close up, it has lovely textures. Pockets:

Aeolian shawl pockets

and peaks:

Aeolian shawl peaks

It’s like a strange knitted martian landscape! It would be good to create a design that uses these textural features of lace…

Blocking the shawl was a bit of a marathon. It involved too much crawling around on the foor and so many pins! I have a bit of a health problem and had to have a break halfway through, but I got there in the end. It is raveled here.

Finished Aeolian shawl

Incidently, I went out for a walk again, this time by Lauder Burn, and saw something moving in the branches of a fallen lichen covered hawthorn tree. I thought it was a mouse or a vole, so crept up slowly and quietly and behind the cover of some bushes, and saw this:


It was busy scrambling around the tree collecting some lichen, and then it scurried down and away through the long grass with a bundle of lichen on its back. I don’t think I was seen this time. I wonder where it lives…


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